Isnin, 1 Februari 2016



To be honest, I have no idea on how to start, to make a catchy sentence, the first line that will forever be known as my usual story. Be remembered. My identity. *Do I have identity anyway? Forget it. I typed, then I backspaced them. I repeat that for several times before I decided to write my first paragraph like this. It took me twenty minutes.

Sometimes, I do read my own blog. Most of the time, they’re funny. There was once I told to myself, oh my god, you’re so idiot, why would i wrote that?, this is pre-mature stage of my life, if only I didn’t do it in the past, I won’t write this. If I didn’t do it in the past, I won’t have memories. If I don’t have memories, I don’t have anything to write then. What is the function of the blog anyway? Memories are meant to be remembered.

Talking about memories, the reason on why I create a blog is I’m curious what a blog is. What can I put in it, how I’m going to interact with people using this shit, and the most important, is this thing is going to be the next “great” thing after Facebook? If it is, I will be the first person among my friends who discover this “great” thing. It’s huge and it means a lot. People will come to you because you’re the founder, the master, the sifu, the guru, the what-so-ever they call it. And you’ll be remembered. Once again.

The first person who introduced blog to me is my maths teacher, Mdm Zarithwaty. When I was Form 2, my friends (including me) are so excited to tell each other about how they discover every single parts and sections in Facebook ; from status posting to poking long-time-no-see friends. Then, my teacher came and said, “Facebook is lame, people now blogging, you should have one,”

And so, I created one. My one and only blog. I still remember, the first name I had given to my blog is “persona figura primadona”. It sounds pretty and bombastic and long. but now, it sounds funny. Persona literally means the poet. Poet means to tell stories and express feelings. Figura primadona means a royal person. That’s me. I’m a royal, to myself. But after I used the name for quite some times, I discarded it because it’s not interesting, too fancy *yes, it is, and it doesn’t suit me anymore. I found a new name.

Eppy The Rawr. Hmm. It’s another failure because once again, I think it doesn’t suit me well. I changed the name to #beautyandthebeat.

#beautyandthebeat is originated from Bieber’s song, along with Nicki Minaj. Although I didn’t listen to the song *I don’t even remember the rhythm because I’m not Believers, I picked it because it sounds nice and I use it till now. I have plan to discard this name too, change it to a one-word name, but I don’t have any suitable words to replace it.

Till then, I'll continue the story next time. :)

Much love,
@imsopipahhh xoxo

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  1. tu bestnye tulis blog... tengok kita macam mana dulu & sekarang..