Sabtu, 7 Mac 2015

He looked into my eyes.

I was talking infront of the crowd ; yelling,promoting,speaking loud yet quickly. I think people felt annoyed with me at that time but I don't care. Honestly,I like what I do. It's just that I shy to start and I need to learn more on how to talk with manageable contents. And now,I think I talk too much. And I laugh too much.

Suddenly,a boy came across me when I was busy with those thingy. He looked at me and he stopped. He stopped and he came to me,right infront of me. I keep talking and spreading my saliva in the air. He stood still but I pretended because I thought nothing would happen. He's just a boy. Come on. Nothing would happen between me and a boy. Literally,boy.


He looked into my eyes. Man! He looked into my eyes! Wtf. I felt like in Hindi's film where sarees,mountain and forest would sing and dance along with me. Oh my. I stopped talking and I saw such a pool of cold lake in his eyes. Very cold that it would make me feel like winter,my first winter ever. He's eating something back then. But it never distract me from the blow of the breeze from his stare. Well,of course,he distracted me from making my job done at that particular time.

He wanted to say something..but his mouth full of foods. 

"Calm down,you wanna say somethin',just say it later on. Take your time. I'll be around. Don't worry. Dear heart,you're very kind to say that,"

30 seconds later..

Oh my god,he's taking damn long time to say that something. Please be quick or else you'll be my next crush. Stop staring at me!

He put his thumbs up. I was blushing. Thanks. And he said..


Hahaha. My bad,I'm making story jerr. By the way,nak ucap selamat menduduki muet esok kepada sesiapa yang ambik muet tu,buat elok-elok. Jangan tak tulis apa-apa. At least,kalau dah malas sangat,salin soalan balik. Aha! Tak ulangkaji ke,dok tulis-tulis entri ni? Haipp! Mesti. Ni pun boleh dikira sebagai ulangkaji kan. Hehe. 

Ulang kaji lah sangat. Nak ulangkaji apa? Ayat tak boleh blah langsung. Haha. 

Goodluck #asasi5thbatch and all the best!

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