Isnin, 24 Ogos 2015

Beauty is Something That You Still Can See Even If I'm Wearing Hijab


I simply believe that a true beauty is when you cover her body and hair (which with the correct styling plays a major role in beautifying a woman's entire look), and you still see a beautiful person, regardlessly. true beauty. =)  __Felixia Yeap__ 

Mark her words. Mark my words too. I strongly believe in this too. 

When a guy asked me to send him a picture of me,in free hair style,aku terasa serta merta uncomfotable with his favour. Yes,kita dah kawan lama,since aku Form 3 lagi. I can give you picture ; just take and download any of my whatsapp profile picture or from my facebook,melambak. But that one favour,I'm so sorry,I can't. :(

You said that I'm a beautiful girl but somehow I feel like you are not satisfy enough with my appearance. Honestly,I'm not comfortable. Sorry if you feel bad about it. I really can't. Try to think,if I'm not giving you permission nak pergi ke church every Sunday morning and fellowship at the night. Instead.I want you to whatsapp me at that morning because I'm bored and I need friend. Won't you feel the same like I did when you asked me to take off my hijab?

I read your facebook feeds last time. It's seems like you are judgemental too about women who wear hijab but still commit bad things. I don't want you to be hipocrite. Islam itself means safe or selamat. Well,because Islam is agama rasmi for our country,of course it's goodness dan ajaran baik disebar extentively. I'm sure you know all religion teach good things. Not only Islam. Persetankan ekstremis and pelampau. I'm still good to you. Jangan kerana nila setitik,rosak susu sebelanga. I wish,one day you'll believe it's not about the religion,it's about themselves.  

Vice versa,I'm very happy if you're a good servant for your God. I'm glad to befriend with you,though. I still can wake you up every Sunday so that you won't be late to go to church. :)

It's just that,try to seek why I'm being ordered to wear this ; purposes,benefits and etc. Look at the positive side. I certainly believe it will change the way you define beauty in women instead of cuma tengok betapa cantiknya rambut yang di"rebonding" or di"perming". 

By the way,you're still my friend. Love you to the moon.

Much love,
@imsopipahhh xoxo

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