Khamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Should I Call You Miss or Puan? Sorry?


Let me post something in English tonight. It doesn't matter if it is hardly broken or miserable English,I used,just sit back,relax and read,if you want. ;)

So,first of all,thanks UTC for saving my day. Precisely,my Monday. UTC was my last choice when I really cannot find JPN Kuching to renew my IC. Huhu. So sad. I drove alone in the hectic city of Kuching (does it sound damn formal until this? no right? please say no.) I used Waze. It doesn't help me much. Instead,I have to spend my precious 15 ringgit for additional fuels because I lost. 2 hours wasting time on road and at last I just go to UTC. That new UTC under the TopSpot food court. How should I say,it's not really under Topspot actually. It's kinda..hermm..difficult to describe. Once you see that big signboard of UTC,you actually have arrive to Topspot. Haa! Macam itulah. Lack of vocabulary make me sick. ~

When I step to the stairs,I just crossed my fingers,hoping that the counter is still open because it's already 430 pm. I know its impossible but I just go on and try. God bless,alhamdulillah. It's still open! Yeayy! I'm quite surprise because it supppose to close but the operation hours for every counter,I mean gov services at UTC center are extended till 9.00 pm. I think it's very helpful because you can go to the counters after office hours. Especially for those who work in office hours. Beneficial lah. 

But the real story is not yet being told.Here it is. The woman who work at the counter try to call me because my IC is done. (15 minutes only,very fast oh,like kilat lightening eventhough she asked me to wait for an hour period of boredom) So,she tried to call me. Miss,Puan Afifah. Miss ke puan ke? 

Sorry? Am I look like someone who are in that age? That age of marriage? At the end of my teenagers day? 

Oh God....

It don't really matter actually,if people want to call me madam or miss or whatsoever..(good salutations only lah,of course)..but better call me miss lah because if people tend to call me madam,ohh..I feel so old. You will make me think that I am 12 years older than my real age. 

Man...12 years older..please...

But if I found someone who really care and concern about me,why not we just try to befriend and who knows..? You know,age doesn't matter and it is just a number? Kinda. Hehe. Yahh,God had already plan the best for every of us. Just trust on that. Well,I'm trusting in Allah's words. He won't lie to you. One more,He won't burden you with something that you cannot bear with. So,chillex dude. Still have long way to go. 

By the way,why should I talk too much tonight? Oh. Haha. Sorry,typical me. Biasalah. Ngehehe. 

**MUET must be undergone 2 times in order to graduate from university? Good. The hottest news in town is that MUET Band qualification had been upgraded. Mehh ~ This makes Mr Fairuz going crazy and mad in mass lecture class. Haha. 

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