Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

my fashion desire and the problems inside it.

Assalam :)
Jangan kerana nyamuk seekor,kelambu dibakar

I don't believe that I would talk about fashion tonight. Weew! As you don't know,i am kinda messy person,not high level messy but messy. You know,just that s0-s0 messy. Sorry for my terrible english. just trying to get familiar with them. i don't care if you laugh this entry but who cares? i don't care because i don't know you either. so,there's no point for me to blame you for laughing at this crappy little thing. practise makes perfect. well.. :)

it was so long since i was borned,i never talk about fashion in my blog. haha. i don't know why but i'm craving for tribal stuff. from blouses,maxi,waka-waka,coat,shawl,shoes,bag.seems like everything could be tribal-tribal-tribal. i'm so jealous when i look through magazines. there's thousand of beautiful,desiring,pleasuring design of tribal stuff. unfortunately,my current account status is RM0. the least i had was RM6,but i got it yesterday and last for about less than 10 minutes. go spend for 'pisang goreng'. no wonder lah kan..

some kind yang macam gini lah. tpi i tak suka yang berjuntai-juntai tu. kalau boleh i potong,i potong. bushing je. hah.

last week,when i wandered at Plaza Merdeka (first time i arrived there and i got my mouth watered. lol),i felt like i'm blessed. what the hell is this? lots of crazy pretty stuff. dresses. sofisticated. i don't how to tell you but i was totally overwhelming. sos. omg. the shoes! i thought Lady Gaga would buy shoes and stilettos there cause their designs were nearly suit with Gaga's image. With the "not-make-sense" high heels and brave combination of colours,i would like to say that i was also tempted. Oh dear. i'm also a woman. love all this pretty things. even pengkid would like to dress more than a boy. desire. woman possessed it more than man. the x-factor that encourages woman to study bloody harder,and get high job,get huge paids and purchases things they couldn't afford before. if they asked from man,no guarantee for them. certain man would practise what they preach,some may not. depend.

so,i've experiments a lot with my old long sleeves,and trousers,and clothes. but i don't think they suit together because the colours,shape and most important is,execution. i can't see any creative function nor unique side of them. if i wear them,i'm just busting myself infront people. better for me to stay at  home,watch tv and wear t-shirt with tracksuit. billion times better and comfortable.

in my age,most of my peers,especially my tuition classmates said that i was a couple years older than them. yet some of them know how to dress very well,very mainstream. i don't feel like want to slap them cause i think they were very cool. thanks for calling me kakak. feel proud inside. haha. but if i can,i want some advice from them. if i can. but i just very shy to ask. so i don't get anything eventhough i want it so much. jealousy attacking me! can't bear it.

are you boring?
i hope you're not cause i gotta meet the end.
keep calm and continue your precious reading.

however,the most terrible scene in this story is i have to collect money on my own to get all those stuff. there are many ways to order this kind of things. most popular is online purchasing. but they need credit card. oh hello! i'm under age so i can't! way number 1 rejected. automaticly. so,move to the next way. go to down town and survey for yourself and go buy themself. if i go there on my own,of course i will pay nearly rm20 for my go and back from downtown. crazy man! if i only have rm50 in my hands,so the rm30 what for? not enough budget. spend for only shawl and that's all. wasting lots of time,money and power. maybe if i have rm1000,i can use this way. but i don't? it's rejected. i can't wait like crazy  to collect that amount of money just to shop till i drop. well,definitely not a good choice at all. the only way i have is to work bloody hard like i mentioned before. ermm..

btw,i thanks people a lot because produce lots of panorama that i can enjoy especially in producing lots of fashion criminals. just like lady gaga. she's one of them. poor her. can't get enough fabric cause the sponsors thought that she might dirt them with chocolate ice cream. lol. haha~ just kidding.

may god bless us. do pray for unfortunate people because they need more basic things just like clothes. they don't have chance to have or even to dream their latest fashionate clothes.

last but not least,appreciate ourself.
be thankful,be grateful.
show your gratitude for better civilization progress. what??

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  1. lol...zamina mina eh eh waka waka che yeh...hihihi lain mcm pulak selera kamu ni eppy....

  2. haha..tau ler wakaf che yeh byk brg cntik-cntik..haha

  3. transformers kuning29 Mei 2013 3:54 PTG

    craving for beautiful attire but lacking of pocket money?same thing happens to me, but in a different way, i sort of "have" the money but i'm too stingy, :D

    btw, it has been a very long time i hasn't visit u here,

    1. is it? doppelganger kta pun mcm kta jugak yer..hihi..btw,hari ni dpt gift dr aunty..puplum and skirt tribal..wahaha..rasa mcm blessed,masin semacam jerk mulut ni..hi.. ^_^

  4. transformers kuning29 Mei 2013 11:41 PTG

    dah nameny doppelganger, harusla mirip dan persis, huhu,,waa...bestny dpt gift, kalau mcm tu selalu2 la post pasal fesyen ni, mane tau esok2 boleh dtg pulak dress cinderella jatuh dr langit,,fufufu

  5. haha..tulah kan..lama-lama nanti,jdi pengulas fesyen pulak aku ni kang..haha~