Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

no sport,no body figure.

Assalam :)

Right now,i'm watching kilauan emas 3,live on astro mustika hd. surprisingly,the contestants are very excellent. all of them. at first,i think mior will dominate the stage and the whole competition,but it seems very hard and very close to each other. maybe alina? idris? or maybe silah,mior's bestfriend will win the game tonight? you decide the winner. haha. (promote lah pulak)

but kilauan emas doesn't has anything to do with my long jump story. it's just as mukadimah. but seriously,my english is very terrible. i'm sorry if you can't understnd some of it because it's broken.  :-P

last monday,when i was in my way to my tuition class,i think i'm a little bit frust because i didn't involve in any sport activities and never represent my school. i regret it. skema betol lah ayat ni. mana tak nya. dengar suara raja azura kat belakang,rasa tak fokus je taip entry ni.lol.

when i was in primary 4,i think i was wearing XL size. of course! because i was big in size. not so big lah. that s0-so big only. hihi. and i was like,huh..huh..can't even run for 1 meter as fast as i could. so,i decided to attend an audition for netball team in my school. bla-bla-bla. so i got the position in the team. at first,i was just as a player whom used to sit on a bench near the field. but fortunately,my teammates seldomly didn't attend the training session,so i had been chosen to replace them lah. starting from being a goal shooter,my teacher changed my position to goal attacker (ga) because i can run and blocked people,very tricky. haha. but before i get into netball team,i was a shotput athlete. but i can't reach the best i can do,so the trainer need to eliminate me from the team because my progress became worse day by day. pity me.

so,i did the games for my netball team until i was in primary 6. until then,i was very shocked because my body became very slim. i got the best figure. wah!i'm so happy,you know. but there is one thing i don't like if i slim. it makes my face very cengkung. furthermore,my gigi is quite jongang. if u perasan lah. so,i makin mnyerlahkan keburukannya kat situ. Haiishh! but i'm still happy until lah i stop because i need to study for upsr. so,this long jump story started when i went to secondary school.

when i was in secondary school,i thought that i could be actively involved in sport. especially netball team. but however,there's a few 'busuk hati" people who always halang me from entering their team. ah,biar lah. lantak korang lah kan. i don't care you all. after then,i was being offered by my pjk teacher,mr rajak to be a "jalan kaki" athlete. i do accept the offer and go for training lah. tapi yang tak bestnya,aku nak kena training tiap petang. malam-malam aku tak leh nak study pulak. so,lama-lama aku tinggalkan macam tu jer training cikgu tu. dia pun lagi banyak atlet yang berbakat. aku tak leh. coz aku cepat semput aka nafas tak panjang. tak pasal-pasal pengsan tengah jalan.

so,masa hari sukan, pernah join long jump ni. lompat kijang and long jump biasa tu. masa tu,perut masih tak banyak lemak. so,boleh lah lompat jauh ckit. ckit lagi nak dapat number. naik podium tapi tak dapat. but i don't know why,why i stopped there? padahal aku boleh merayu kat mr rajak untuk ditrain lompat jauh. aku pun tak faham caner.

so,masa form 5 ni,nak kena involve balik cause my kokum mark not enough. lagipun,badan figur pun makin hilang. huaaa. menyesal sungguh tak involve dulu. korang jangan jadi mcm ni pulak.

bak kata pepatah,sesal dulu pendapatan,sesal kemudian tak berguna. :'(

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  1. transformers kuning29 Mei 2013 11:44 PTG

    time is tissue though, good luck in being sporty :)

    1. yah..hope nanti masuk u boleh involve lagi..hermm. :)

  2. transformers kuning4 Jun 2013 10:47 PTG

    good idea, at least u could maintain your body figure :D