Selasa, 1 Mei 2012

Dear,Let It Happened

My friend..
Don't you cry because of me
We'll be together if we ever meet again..
I promise..

My friend..
Don't you ever hate me cause
I love you so over
I need you..
No matter what happened in my life
My soul had brought myself to you..


Even I know we just know a while
But this feeling inside
Feel warm,feel calm
With you..

I don't care if you do criminals
Well,I accept you..
As long as you come as you are..

Come as you are..
Well,I don't care,anyway,it's just a subway behind the roll..

We're far apart
I let your hands tear off from me
It's easy,it's easy..
To let but not by seeing you walking alone..
Become very rare
Very far
Very strange
From me..

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